I’ve now experienced how rabid exo fandom really is *cough cough It’s Okay It’s Love*

charity: water

Wish I’d found this water charity earlier :’( For those interested in “transparent” donation, this is one to consider. The organization informs donors through every step on how their money is spent. Read more at the source.

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New website for minoz but i-fans can’t register 😐

Marriage, Not Dating is so funny ♥♥♥

People are way too occupied with polls 😓 Too many useless polls that no one will remember after they are done. Why even bother? Please think before wasting time on something so inane. Not all polls are useless, but these currently running ones are. Trust me. Been there done that already. Support your bias through things that are a bit more meaningful and tangible. Buying their products, watching their works, or volunteer in your community. Spending time on something other than participating in click-bait voting sites.

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Inadvertently, ended up here lol. That guy in yellow tee is not Kim Tan sadly 😭😭😤




Crystal 01- Who Wears A Tuxedo In The Middle Of The Afternoon?


@lyssiely omg it’s out already???????

Yes! It came out July 5th and I think you can watch it on Hulu. I haven’t tried yet! :) 

lyssie saw it after you posted yesterday on Crunchyroll. Usagi’s voice is a little bit too whiney.
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Google festeja a la Argentina, finalista de la Copa Mundial. (09/07/2014)

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What a legend. Losing the match only to put on a brave face for your kid. Legend.

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